When should I get ZShield Reveal replacement filters?

The ZShield Reveal comes with a replacement filter, based on average exposure and usage, we recommend replacing your filter cartridge once per week or after 40 hours of use, whichever comes first.

Your needs may vary based on environmental and personal usage considerations. In very dusty or contaminated environments, you should change your filter cartridge more frequently.

ZShield Reveal filter cartridges have been independently tested and verified to have better than 95% efficiency capturing the most penetrating particle size of .3 microns.

If breathing through your mask becomes difficult - an indicator that the filter is capturing particulate - your cartridge should be replaced as soon as practical.

ZShield Reveal filters are engineered and tested specifically for use with Reveal. Do not use unauthorized or copycat 3rd party filters. Authentic and affordably priced Reveal filters are your best protection.

Rotating filters is not recommended, use only new Reveal filter cartridges.

Additional filter cartridges are available at: zshield.com/reveal/filters

Disposal: Under normal usage, the filter cartridge does not contain any hazardous substances and can be thrown away with your household waste.