Space Settings

You can change various settings within your Revaly space like the background, model units and more!

Accessing Settings

You can access the setting of your Revaly spaceby clicking the settings button in the upper right corner of your screen, and selecting “Space Settings.”Acess Space Settings

Your space settings will look like this:

Space Settings

Rendering settings for your space will look like this:

Rendering Settings


The default background in your Revaly space is the “Light” background. However, you can change your background by clicking the dropdown menu under Appearance

Changing background

Light Background Dark Background Dark Background
Light background Dark background Starry background

Display Units

Default Units

You can now change the units of measurement that will be automatically used in your space when uploading a new asset. To do this, select the dropdown menu under Default Base Units and select the unit of your preference.

Select Default Units Default Units

This will make that unit type the default for all future assets added to that space.

Display Units

You can also change the units of measurement used on your asset. To do this, click the dropdown menu under Default Display Units and select the unit of your preference.

Default Display Units Default Units

This will not change the model’s scale. This will simply change the numbers displayed to the value of the chosen

Other Settings

Camera Position

You now have the ability to maintain your camera position when navigating between assets in a space.

To do this, simply toggle on the feature seen here

Lock Camera Position

When toggled on, you will have the same perspective when switching between assets within the same space.


You can now change the level of precision used in your measurements. To do this, click the dropdown menu under Precision, and select the level of precision you would like.

Precision Precision Notation


In your space settings, there are several different features you can toggle on and off to customize your space to your liking.


Antialiasing can be thought of as resolution on a screen, antialiasing results in what appears to be higher resolution. With antialiasing enabled, curved edges on a model will appear smoother.


BREP Edges

When toggling off BREP edges when the asset loads into the space, any time you enter a new asset into the space, it will render at first without BREP edges.



By toggling off animations, you will no longer swing over to the position an annotation was left in, but you will simply teleport to that location.


HDRI Lighting

Toggling on and off HDRI lighting changes the way the asset appears in the space. HDRI lighting makes the asset more vibrant and visually appealing.

HDRI Lighting

HDRI lighting on HDRI lighting off

Floor Shadow

By toggling the floor shadow on, you can add a visual shadow below the bottom of your asset.

Floor Shadow

Floor Shadow On Floor Shadow Off
Floor shadow on Floor shadow off

Shadows will not be visible when viewing the bottom of an asset


By toggling on resolution will be lowered when moving in 3D space to improve performance and the visual sharpness of your asset will be slightly lower while you are moving. This will make the visual movement through the space smoother.


Computer Performance

By toggling this feature on, your space will automatically set a limit to the sharpness of the image to ensure that your experience using Revaly stays as smooth as possible.