Recording in Revaly

Recording a video message is a great way to provide extreamly detailed feedback asynchronously.

How to start recording

Within a chat message or an annotation, you are able to leave a video to provide an additional layer of context.

You can leave a video in any chat window inside Revaly.

Recording feedback

Once you have opened the chat or annotation box, click the camera icon in the bottom right of the chat box.

camera icon

Camera and Microphone Permissions

Be sure to allow Revaly access to your camera and microphone, the software will not work properly without it!

allow microphone and camera access

Once you enable the camera and microphone, a window will appear in the upper right corner of your screen.

Changing Inputs

In that window, you have the ability to record your screen, your webcam, or both. You are also able to change the camera and microphone you use.

video settings loom recording settings loom


Once your devices are set up properly, click “Start Recording”.

If you are recording your screen you will be prompted to choose what screen, window, or tab you would like to record.

We recommend selecting “Window” and then selecting “Revaly Space.”

Start Recording

Once you have selected what you want to record, clicking “Share” will automatically begin your recording.


End Recording

While recording, you can move around the space exactly the same as when not recording.

If for some reason the face camera is in the way of something you want to see, you can move the image by clicking and dragging it to your desired location on the screen.

When you have finished recording, click the red square in the bottom left corner of the screen.

end recording

This will open the window to preview your recorded video.

Share your recording

If the video is to your liking, clicking insert recording will embed the video in a link in the chat box. From there you can add additional information to the message, or send the video as is. Once you send the embedded video, it will appear in the chat as seen below.
insert loom recording

send loom embed example