Accepted File Types and Sizes

Revaly supports a variety of file types and sizes to make sure you can work as efficiently as possible.


The recommended maximum file size is 150MB/asset, but we can currently support assets of up to 200MB/asset.

3D File Types

The 3D File Types that Revaly currently accepts are:

  • STL
  • OBJ
  • FBX
  • PRT
  • IGES
  • PAR
  • JT
  • GLB (with limitations based on extension support)
  • CATPrt
  • IAM*
  • IPT*
  • RVT

Assets that are created in color can be uploaded and viewed in color.

Reference files and related 2D data are currently unsupported.

IPT and IAM files are fully supported through the 2022 version of Autodesk Inventor. 2023 version files are supported with slightly limited functionality.

2D File Types

The 2D File Types that Revaly currently accepts as a space asset are:





You should be able to upload any type of 2D file to the text chat at this time!

If you have an issue viewing or uploading an asset please reach out to us so we can help. Learn more about 2D File Assets.