Reporting an issue

Experiencing issues with Revaly? Fill out a bug report, or contact support so we get all of the information we need to make improvements.

We work hard to make giving feedback as simple as possible. If you ever experience a problem in Revaly, these are some of the ways you can get in contact with our team.

Submitting a Bug Report

In your space, navigate to the question mark button in the bottom right corner then click the "Report an Issue" option. 

Reporting an Issue

Next, a box will appear for you to fill out and describe the issue you're having. Describe the issue you're experiencing, attach images if needed, then click submit. That's it!

We work hard to address bugs quickly. If we have any additional questions or need access to a space or an asset to troubleshoot, we will reach out to the account associated with the report.

Support Email

If filing a bug report isn't feasible or doesn't make sense, feel free to reach out to our support email