Account and Organization Settings

You can edit your account and organization information through the settings page.

There are several ways to access your accounts settings, including inside of the dashboard, the organization, and a space.

Accessing Settings from an Organization in your Dashboard

To access settings when viewing your organization, click the settings button in the top left corner of your organization (next to the organization name).

Accessing Settings within the dashboard

To access settings when viewing your organization, click on your initials or your avatar, then select "Settings" from the dropdown menu.

Accessing Settings from a Space

To access settings when inside a space, click on the Settings gear in the top right corner, then select "Account Settings" from the dropdown.

Access Account Settings

TIP: This opens the account settings in a new tab, so you don't have to leave your space to make quick changes.

User Profile Settings

From the settings menu, you can edit items within your profile, like your profile picture, display name, or password. 

Changing your name and picture

To edit your profile, click on "profile settings" from inside the "Account Settings" page.

Whenever you open the settings view you will begin inside profile settings already.

Account Settings View

From here, you can edit your name, display name, and edit your profile picture, and your company name and role!

Resetting Password

You can also change your password. 

Notification Settings

You can edit how you receive notifications in the "Notification Settings" section within "Account Settings".

From here, you can edit how you receive notifications, like how you are notified when you are tagged in a comment or annotation.

You can toggle the check below the bell icon to turn on and off in-app notifications, which are found under the bell icon, in both spaces, and in the dashboard.

You can also toggle email notifications, which email you a link to where you were tagged.

Organization Profile

You can also edit your organization profile from settings. Organizations are where users collaborate on projects and work together.

Learn more about organizations in our Dashboard overview.

In the Organization profile, you can edit your organization name and picture.

Units of Measurement

To change the default units of measurement for your organization, click Organization Settings, then Space Settings.

orgsettings spacesetting

From there, click the dropdown titled Units of Measure and select the units of your choice.

unitsofmeaurespace settings

Switching Between Organizations

From this settings menu, you can also switch between organizations to edit the settings and membership of each organization.

To switch to another organization, simply click the drop-down arrow beside the name of your currently active organization.

Then, select the organization you want to view from the dropdown.

You can also switch organizations from the main dashboard. To learn about the dashboard, check out our Dashboard Overview.

User Access and Permissions

To access the user management settings, select "Users" from inside the account settings page.

From here, you can edit the role that a user has in your organization.

To edit the role, click on "edit", next to the role name. 

Then select the preferred role of the user from the dropdown.

If you have an issue with your account please reach out to us to we can help. Learn more about reporting an issue.