Account and Organization Billing

For details on Revaly's plans and pricing talk to your account success manager.

When you enter your billing manager you will see the plan associated with your account on our website. 

Managing your Account

You can upgrade your account, find out your plan details, and add seats to your account at any time under your account settings.

To access account settings click the icon in the top right corner and select settings.

Then go to the Billing tab on the left side and select "open my billing manager".

Billing Button Billing Manager

Billing Manager-1

Adding seats

To adjust the number of paid licenses in your account, click update quantity beside your current plan.

Billing Manager Current Plan

Update Plan Quantity

NOTE: Upgrades will take place immediately, but downgrades will take place at the start of the next billing cycle. 


Updating your billing information

To update your payment method, select "Add payment method"Billing Manager Payment Method

And then simply enter a valid credit card.

Payment Method

To update your billing information select "Update information."

Then update your billing email and address as necessary.Billing Info